A constant Coming and Going.

Spree, Berlin, Germany. 2017. A constant Coming and Going
Spree, Berlin, Germany. 2017

A constant Coming and Going.

Your words; like spring water. Deep, pure and honest. They waft through the air towards my eyes and ears. Shattered and also healing. A balm that comforts the soul.
Our conversations; like waves clashing onto the riverbanks. It’s a process of a constant coming and going.
Words are replaced by silence. Suddenly, like a reserved thunder. A lion’s roaring from the distance. Vibrant sapphirine-blue water turns into a grey bulk- towering over me. Engulfing me with words spoken of fear and disappointment.
Scrunched leaves on the earthy ground under our feet. Every step brings life. Unspoken words and thoughts dangling in the atmosphere. Stalactite. An anthracite cloud upon our heads.

The cool evening late summer air makes it even harder to breathe. An aching lump in my throat and an incredible desire to break this oppressive silence.
A windstorm in my head, thoughts of frustration and destroyed courage swirl in my mind. Benetictine. Caught in this vicious circle of thoughts.
The more that I inhale the moist, earthy evening air the more I exhale the parts of my grey-tempered soul. A process of inhaling and exhaling until I am completely purified.
We arrive at the glade where it all had begun.“I’ll wait for you at your car.“

Lots of Love,
Neva aka Elysian Soul

Photo Details:
Nikon D5500, 18-105mm
Place: Spree, Berlin. Germany. 2017


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